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Audit of Financial Statements

Although every CPA is licensed to provide audit services, many do not.

An audit is the highest level of service, as well as one of the most costly and complex, of the traditional services a CPA can provide. It gives clients and interested third parties the highest possible level of assurance concerning the fairness (or lack thereof) with which financial statements are presented.

Every time a CPA signs an audit report stating their opinion about a set of financial statements, his or her own reputation is on the line.

We have been conducting audits successfully since 1970. Our quality control procedures are detailed and rigorous. To ensure they stay that way, we submit them to peer review every three years. That level of caring breeds confidence.

For our larger clients, whose audit activity sometimes occurs outside South Florida, we maintain alliances that allow us to manage projects throughout North America.

Which proves once more that small can sometimes be very big indeed.

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