Business Valuation and Sale

How much is a business worth? Whether you’re buying or selling, the question is critical. Do you add up the market price of its machines, buildings and furniture? Do you consider its year-to-year revenues? What about the staff, which may possess unique capabilities?

With special expertise in working with companies of $20,000,000 revenues and less, we’ve been performing valuations since our inception in the mid 1980’s. We know there is no magic formula. Instead, we rely upon one or more of at least 13 different analytical approaches to give our clients a meaningful range of estimates. And we school them in the assumptions behind each, giving them an advantage in negotiations.

In addition, we have assisted many businesses in the “Going-Public” process and have a wide-range of contacts available to give you a ready-made support team for this complicated process.

Finally, in a related area, we can assist in raising capital and provide consultation on a myriad of other issues.

Reference Accounts
Because of the confidential nature of this work, referrals are only available upon request.