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Our greatest successes have always been built on a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and circumstances. On insight that comes from caring.

Compilation of Financial Statements

A compilation is a set of statements that a firm, or a family, uses to present its financial position and periodic results. Although a CPA is often involved in compiling the information, he or she provides no opinion or assurance as to the accuracy of the data. A compilation is substantially less costly than an audit or a review and can be completed very quickly.

Many banks require business and individual borrowers to provide independently compiled financial statements on an annual basis. Although some clients order compilations only when required, this form of report can be an important tool in making well-informed decisions about investments and ongoing operations.

At Dohan CPA, we interpret the reported data using analytical tools we’ve mastered (including some we developed ourselves). But we also apply insight that comes from close professional relationships with our clients. In fact, it is because our clients’ success means so much to us personally that we have become so adept at transforming analysis into meaningful financial recommendations.

So while we don’t provide an opinion with a compilation, we demonstrate in many other ways, when the statements are complete, how much we still care.

Reference Accounts
We perform monthly and annual compilations for dozens of clients.
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