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Our greatest successes have always been built on a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and circumstances. On insight that comes from caring.

Estate Planning and Taxation

Henry David Thoreau once said, “he enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.” We agree, and we advise our clients to secure their financial estates as a great way to find that time.

So if you become a Dohan CPA client, we’ll inquire about the planning you’ve done to maximize the portion of your assets you can pass to your family or other beneficiaries. If you need assistance, we are ready to help. And if you’re a beneficiary of someone else’s estate, it’s important to know that even if the deceased has failed to plan in advance, you can benefit from our knowledge and experience during the taxation period.

We work with many techniques to preserve estate assets, which include homes and their contents, cash, investments, retirement accounts, motor vehicles and insurance policies. Depending on the circumstances and the constantly changing tax codes, we can choose from gift plans, trusts, family partnerships and dozens of other strategies to minimize or eliminate estate taxes altogether.

The key for us, as in so many areas of our practice, is to continually participate in educational programs and to study IRS rulings and interpretations. But clients who take advantage of our expertise don’t just get Dohan CPA’s knowledge. They also benefit from the wisdom of our extended team of allied professionals, including insurance experts, financial planners and attorneys.

Estate work is sensitive for obvious reasons. It is perhaps here where our clients respond best to the close personal attention we give them.

Reference Accounts
Because of the confidential nature of this work, referrals are only available upon request.