Litigation Support Services

Many legal matters have financial aspects complicated enough to require the expert analysis of a trained and experienced CPA. Lost profits or lost wages claims, division of assets in divorce, business valuation cases and a variety of other financial issues are common.

We have the training and experience to be a valuable member of the litigation team. In fact, Steve Dohan, our managing director, has served as a Member of the Florida State Board of Accountancy and has provided testimony on accounting and financial matters in virtually every court, including County, State, Federal and Bankruptcy.

We know how to prepare a case and how to provide convincing testimony. Many judges have complimented our work.

This makes us valuable not only to lawyers and judges, but also to those of our clients who want to know the extent of financial damages they may have suffered as they contemplate whether to seek legal redress.

This kind of practice is generally complicated, time consuming and done under extremely tight deadlines. Because we care about the results, we burn a lot of oil at midnight and later to get the job done.

Reference Accounts
Some of the lawyers who have chosen to employ us on behalf of their clients include:

Goldstein and Tanen
Theft, fraud and other civil cases
Hessen, Schimmel and DeCastro
Breach of contract and lost wages