Audit of Financial Statements

An audit is the highest level of service (and the most costly and complex) of all the traditional services a CPA provides. More

Review of Financial Statements

Reviewed financial statements look just like those from an audit, but the independent accountant’s report does not provide quite the level of assurance as an audit does. More

Compilation of Financial Statements

A compilation is the presentation, in the form of financial statements, of the representations of the owners or managers with no assurance made by the CPA. More

A, B, C: Accounting, Bookkeeping (and Consulting)

Accounting and bookkeeping services include everything from data entry, bank reconciliations, and analyzing the data which your personnel may enter. These analyses are done to determine the appropriateness of classifications and to assist management in making both daily and long-range business decisions based on accounting data which is both current and useful. More

Tax Return Preparation

Tax return preparation requires extensive knowledge of the tax laws, both business and individual. We have that expertise. More

Tax Research and Planning

Advance tax planning is essential to controlling your tax position and developing the requisite strategies and action plan to accomplish your tax objectives. More

Estate Planning and Taxation

Henry David Thoreau once said, “he enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.” We agree, and we advise our clients to secure their financial estates as a great way to find that time. More

Personal Financial Planning

There are many good reasons for investing so much of our lives in work. Among them, and usually pretty high on the list, is the concept of financial security. Dohan CPA. is committed to helping its clients achieve that. More

Business Valuation and Sale

How much is a business worth? Whether you’re buying or selling, the question is critical. Do you add up the market price of its machines, buildings and furniture? Do you consider its year-to-year revenues? What about the staff, which may possess unique capabilities? More

Litigation Support Services

Many legal matters have financial aspects complicated enough to require the expert analysis of a trained and experienced CPA. Lost profits or lost wages claims, division of assets in divorce, business valuation cases and a variety of other financial issues are common. More